What the heck is a clean remote?

In a recent stay in a hotel, my room was stocked with a “Clean Remote”. I can’t recall ever hearing about such a device before. The television remote was pretty bare bones but worked well enough.

It sat in a little cardboard stand which boasted on its sides about how clean the remote was to sanitize. It was specially designed to be easy to clean and the hotel was taking your health into consideration by providing the Clean Remote.

The Clean Remote says “not for home use” on the back of it. I guess that is to deter the idea of theft of a universal remote control. However, I believe there are other reasons as well.

The Clean Remote is suggested on the official website as a great product for areas like hospitals, hotels, and homes. The non-home version of the remote also prevents battery theft by keeping the remote enclosure sealed. I was not aware that batteries along with towels were difficult for hotels to hold onto. The home version includes a swinging battery for so it isn’t easily lost.


The remote has a solid skin with flat buttons for the basic TV remote functions. It lacks a guide button and a few others that would speed up navigating through the high number off unfamiliar cable channels. The single body design means there are no raised buttons with cracks around them for crumbs and germs to hide. The slight lip on the top of the remote is about the only spot for things to cling.


The Clean Remote doesn’t have a lot of features to brag about like other universal remotes we might recommend but it does have a smart design for a practical purpose. If you would like to pick one up for home, they can be bought from

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