Malwarebytes introduces Techbench, a USB utility to remove malware

Malwarebytes today announced the launch of a new product. Malwarebytes Techbench is a USB drive with Malwarebytes included on it. It updates silently, has 15GB of free space, and allows unlimited usage – perfect for the compliant technician.


From the Malwarebytes blog:

If you service computers for a living, this tool will make your day a little easier. Simply plug in the Malwarebytes Techbench USB stick, check a few boxes, and it detects and removes malware automatically. It will even install a copy of Malwarebytes Anti-Malware if you so choose.

I was a little disappointed to hear it doesn’t include Malwarebytes Anti-Rootkit, a tool that has been very impressive even in its beta state.

Malwarebytes Techbench is a work in progress, and we’ll be adding more tools and features, at no extra cost, based on your feedback.

The main showstopper to Malwarebytes Techbench is its price. It is not licensed per seat but install allows unlimited usage for an annual subscription. The cost is normally $499.95 per year but an introductory offer saves $100. At $399.95, Techbench is a pricey little gadget but it’s interesting to see the different ways Malwarebytes can innovate the security industry.

You can read more about Techbench from today’s press release or see screenshots and the feature list from the Malwarebytes Techbench product page.

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