Sony’s PSN Welcome Back Program Ended Today – Did You Get Your Free Games and PlayStation Plus Access?

After the breach of Sony’s PlayStation Network in April, Sony announced a welcome back program to reward members for their loyalty. The Welcome Back program included free PS3 or PSP games, 30 days access to PlayStation Plus, and a year of identity protection. The identity protection offer ran through June 18th (or June 26th according to some places) but still seemed to be working this morning.

As of this morning, the Welcome Back program was still operational with a sign to “download your free items by July3″…

…but it seems that it closed up shop around noon, Central time.

Even if you missed out on the Welcome Back program, you’ll still need to update your PS3 and reset your PSN password before you can do anything online.

Did you get the games and PlayStation Plus access while it was available? I picked up Infamous and Dead Nation this morning, apparently just barely making the cut-off. I was hoping to post a reminder to my fellow procrastinators but I wasn’t expecting the noon cut-off. Hope you got to it in time!

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