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Simple Tip: Don’t be Under-Employed

If you’re looking for the perfect career or exciting new opportunities, it never hurts to look, get networked, and even get interview practice while you’re currently employed. Your ideal job or a step in the right direction could be posted while you’re working the humdrum job. In order to keep your eyes peeled for that […]

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Simple Tip: E-mail Etiquette

The ease, convenience, and speediness of e-mail has resulted in a massive quantity of these messages making their way through the tubes each day. In order to get yours noticed, you need to follow some simple guidelines that will make this means of communication efficient and understandable. Just because e-mail is similar to Instant Messaging […]

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The ThreatExpert site has a few components that might be of some interest to those curious about malicious computer threats. Their blog is very good at explaining new forms of threats like click-jacking, flash exploits, and cracking attempts. Along with all the articles on their blog, they also host a “dictionary” of malicious threats so […]

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GetPlus is a Big Minus

GetPlus is a download manager that a lot of people using Firefox may have encountered when installing Adobe Reader. GetPlus acts as a plug-in for your browser to download and install software and updates to that same software. From their webpage: Our getPlus Download-, Upload- and Installation Manager and igetPlus (for Mac OS) are sophisticated […]

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