Understanding Version Control Systems

Kalid Azad, the brains behind InstaCalc, (who is also a swell guy in general to talk to) runs a blog titled Better Explained. The name says it all as BE strives to explain concepts, software development tactics and tools, and even math topics in simple, image-based lessons. I’d like to highlight one of these posts as Worthwhile Reading: A visual Guide to Version Control.

If you’ve heard the name Subversion or Sourcesafe but had no idea what they were or wanted a better understanding of how these systems worked and their benefits, just clicky-click on that link. Here it is again if you missed your chance the first time.

Three popular Version Control Systems are listed below:

If after reading the Better Explained article you’re looking for more advanced write-ups you’ll probably find the series of articles, Source Control HOWTO, helpful and interesting from fellow University of Illinois alum, Eric Sink.

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