Firefox3 RC1 released

RC1 for Firefox 3 was just released. I figured at this point it was worth giving a shot. I’m usually not all about jumping into the Beta scene because it’s always a cost-benefit analysis of new features versus stability. RC1 is stable but a few of my add-ons don’t work yet (Foxmarks and TabMixPlus are the big ones). Overall, I have to really say that this is a worthwhile upgrade at this point already.

Just launching Firefox is much faster. The interface seems a bit cleaner and there are some cool additional features and behavior fixes (that should have been implemented a while ago).

  • If you highlight a word and press Ctrl+F, it will start the search with that word.
  • The address bar is a bit more functional as it will try to auto-complete (without getting in the way) an address from your bookmarks if it matches.
  • The prompt to remember a password is moved to a bar under the Tab bar and no longer stops pages from loading while waiting upon your response.

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