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Tour the Renewable Energy Center at Eastern Illinois University

A greenĀ gem in the East Central Illinois region is the new Renewable Energy Center at Eastern Illinois University in Charleston, Illinois. Switching from a coal-fired power plant, the new biomass-burning facility is a clear environmental improvement with an expected 80 percent reduction in net greenhouse gas emissions. This virtual tour shares many more details of […]

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Earth Day 2012

Every Earth Day, as part of our Energy Saving category here at 404 Tech Support, we compile some of the green tech-related news (2009, 2010, 2011). In 2012, it seems like a lot of companies are pushing their green news in this week leading up to Earth Day. In no particular order, here’s a selection […]

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The 2012 Illinois Electronic Waste Recycling Law

Public Act 097-0287 went into effect January 1st, 2012 for the state of Illinois. It updated the Illinois Products Recycling and Reuse Act to cover seventeen electronic products that must be recycled. It also introduced a number of mandates, fees, and deadlines for manufacturers that sell electronics in Illinois (such as recycling 40% of previous […]

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Earth Day 2011 Tech News

Happy Earth Day 2011! I was hoping to add solar panels to my home this Spring but the local vendor never got back to me. After crunching some numbers, with current solar panel prices/efficiency, electricity usage, and incentive rebates I decided to put the extra money towards the mortgage as a wiser investment. I’ll be […]

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