Archive | September, 2011

Firefox Releases 7.0.1 To Address Bugs

After just releasing Firefox 7.0 on Tuesday, Mozilla has released an update at version 7.0.1. It addressed an issue some were reporting of add-ons being hidden after an update. The problem is seen in the release notes for 7.0.1 and detailed in a post on the Add-ons blog. We’ve identified an issue in which some […]

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Firefox 7 Is Now Available For Download

Continuing their crazy rapid release schedule, Mozilla has released Firefox 7 and Thunderbird 7. This is on schedule for their plan to ship a new major version every six weeks. As you might recall, Firefox 6 and Thunderbird 6 were just released mid-August. November 8th and December 20th are when we can expect versions 8 […]

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YouTube Stars Find Prime Time in September

YouTube, at 6.5 years old, is indisputably a central part of today’s society. Whether it’s through hosting political debates and making our government more accessible, branding today’s youth the ‘YouTube Generation’, or just allowing our culture to spread around the world as we laugh and cry at the same videos. YouTube is also bankrolling a […]

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