Top – A Legitimate Site That Allows You To Find Money Owed To You

Many states are now successfully running a program to connect proper owners with their lost property. Some examples of this could be forgotten bank accounts, utility deposits, insurance settlements, and other sedimentary funds. For most states, this will send you to the state’s treasurer website but some states have gotten creative. Florida residents, for example, will end up at run by the Florida Department of Financial Services. If you have resided in the US, British Columbia, Alberta, or Quebec and think you might have lost property, visit to be directed to the appropriate place and search for your funds for free. is run by the National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators and simply directs you where you need to go based on your current or previous residences.

For me, in my home state of Illinois, that takes me to my state treasurer’s site with a program called Cash Dash. I created an account and searched based on last name, optional first name, and optional city to see if I had any forgotten funds. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find anything. I guess that’s a good thing that I haven’t left my money lying around. I searched for a lot of people that I know and got lots of similar results (same first and last name but different city) but only found one positive account in the $10-$100 range for a cousin of mine. Many of these results are in the $10-$100 but there are also those >$100 accounts that could be holding any amount.

Check out and make sure you don’t have any property out there that rightfully belongs to you.

Read the article. You have to go to to search for your name, not post your information in the comments.

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