How to hide the Apps bookmark in Chrome

With a recent update, Google Chrome added an Apps shortcut to the far left of the Bookmarks bar. It has a colorful icon and provides quick access to the apps added to Chrome since the New Tab page was also redesigned. However, you can’t move the Apps shortcut to a different location or into the Other Bookmarks folder.


To remove or hide the Apps shortcut, it’s actually rather straight-forward.

  1. Right-click on the Apps shortcut or anywhere along the Bookmakrs bar.
  2. Click ‘Show apps shortcut’ to toggle the checkmark to the left of it off.
  3. The Apps shortcut should disappear from the Bookmarks bar and the rest of your bookmarks should slide over to the left.


If you wish to show the shortcut again once you realize that they removed the way to access Apps from the New Tab page, just repeat the same steps to toggle the checkmark on again.

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