Restore the Quit button in Firefox for Android

The browser wars are still alive and kicking. For the desktop, I primarily use Chrome with Firefox seeing occasional use but on my smartphone I primarily use Firefox with Chrome seeing occasional use. With version 20, Firefox for Android removed the ‘Quit’ option from the menu. I really liked the option and did not understand its removal. I even started using Chrome for Android more as a result of its loss (and Chrome seeming a little bit faster).

When you browse the web through a significant number of pages hitting the back button a billion times to exit is silly. You could hit the Home button and leave the app running in the background or use a few more taps to go into the tab manager and close each of your tabs until you can close out of the app. Thankfully, I won’t have to choose between those options as the Quit button is back in Firefox for Android thanks to an addon.

The extension QuitNow simply adds the Quit button back to the menu.

quit for android

You can install it from the Mozilla Firefox Add-Ons page or directly from the QuitNow page from Firefox on your Android device. To get to Add-Ons, tap the menu button and go to Tools and choose Add-Ons from the subsequent menu. No restart of the browser is required after the install to get the Quit button back.

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