CCleaner-like app for Android

CCleaner is a well-known application for Windows computers that is used to clean up old data that has been left behind, taking up space. As smartphones and tablets become more and more like PCs, I have been starting to hear a question repeatedly for an app like CCleaner for Android devices. While PCs have grown in processing power and available RAM and storage, tablets and other devices often don’t have that luxury of surplus hardware.

If you start looking in Google Play, you will certainly find a wide range of “cleaner” apps. I managed to narrow it down to two free, highly-recommended apps.

sd maid for android

Clean Master is a free app that does not require root to do its job. It can clean up residual files, temporary android packages, and your history across various apps. If you go into History and choose the privacy tab, you can find options to clean text history, call logs, search history, browser saved information, and other things to clear out. I managed to clear up almost half a gigabyte of storage while playing it conservative.

clean master for android

SD Maid is intended for rooted devices but still offers features to better understand your Android device. SD Maid is free but you can unlock more functionality with the SD Maid Pro Unlocker. Even without root, it allows great functionality like file search, system cleaner, and a scan to find the biggest files on your device. If you’re needing space, this information can definitely find where your hogs are residing whether they end up being an app or a video.

sd maid for android screenshot

If these don’t work for you look around in Google Play. 1Tap Cleaner is another highly rated cleaner for cache, history, call/text logs, and default settings.

Feel free to share your own recommendation in the comments.

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