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Chat without needing to install software with

Although I grew up with AOL Instant Messenger, I’m not much for using IM these days. However, I can still recognize the value of being able to communicate even where you can’t install the chat client you need. From a public library computer or a relative’s computer, being able to chat could be a lifesaver […]

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Jumping In At Drupal 7

I was tasked with migrating a website from internal hosting to paid hosting. When that “migration” actually meant a redesign, I surveyed the CMS landscape. The current site was running on Joomla! 1.5. This website was the first site I had administered running on the Joomla platform. To be completely honest, I hate Joomla!. There […]

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Every stereotypical presentation ever

Growing Leaders Inc wants you to learn to communicate better so your presentations aren’t these stereotypical failures that all of us are all too familiar with. The book Habitudes for Communicators comes out tomorrow.

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