Top 10 404TS articles in 2011

2011 ends today and what a year it has been. I can’t say that I’m sad to see it go and I’m looking forward to fresh starts in 2012 and big new challenges. To wrap up the year, I am reflecting on the top articles here that brought well over half a million people to 404 Tech Support┬áin 2011. I’m hoping visitors found the answers to their questions here and may have even subscribed to the RSS feed and stuck around for future articles.

The top 10 404TS articles based on visits in 2011:

  1. Microsoft Word: “This modification is not allowed because the selection is locked”
  2. – A legitimate site that allows you to find money owed to you
  3. How to install the Disc-less Netflix app on the Sony PlayStation 3
  4. How to install the Disc-less Netflix app on the Nintendo Wii
  5. How to apply patches (.msp) to group policy deployed software (.msi)
  6. Best Buy sends NewEgg Cease and Desist letter for using the term ‘geek’
  7. Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Management Studio Express stand-alone
  8. Deploying Java through Group Policy and Java RE improvements
  9. Firefox 4 and the missing status bar
  10. Get Adobe Flash without extras

Most memorable 404TS moment from 2011:

The #2 top article from above about caused an incredible spike in traffic (and ad revenue) over the span of a few days. After Unclaimed was mentioned on Good Morning America, my site being the number two search result on Google for ‘’, received an influx of visitors. It continued for the next few days following the airing of the episode. I guess people hear about a legitimate possibility they are owed money and it goes viral very quickly and for good reason. It was exciting to see all sorts of records being set those days and new people visiting 404 Tech Support for the first time.

Thank you!

Appreciation goes out to a lot of people for making 2011 a good year on 404TS and beyond. My family and friends were vital for the life beyond the blog.

I owe many thanks to all of the sponsors throughout 2011 that have helped pay the bills to keep a high-end server up and running to deliver content quickly, around the world. Without ads, 404 Tech Support probably would have folded a long time ago as an unsustainable venture.

Of course, most thanks go out to the readers of 404 Tech Support. It would be nothing without you. Thanks for coming back. I appreciate all the feedback and comments that have been left asking questions, suggesting alternatives, challenging an article, or voicing appreciation for the write-up. I look forward to 2012 because of you.

Stay tuned tomorrow, January 1st, 2012 for an exciting (at least I think so) announcement from us here at 404 Tech Support.

Have a safe and happy new year’s celebration!

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