The 2011 Consumer Electronics Show – What You Need To Know and What You’ve Already Missed

The Consumer Electronics Show starts tomorrow, January 6th, and goes through January 9th. It’s the largest consumer technology tradeshow in the world. In addition to various vendors announcing their latest devices that will be talked about for the rest of the year, there are also awards programs, concerts, competitions, and celebrities. For those of us that are all about the gadgets, this is the place to be. Unfortunately, the Show is not open to the public. We’re dependent on members of the press and the companies themselves to broadcast the news, announcements, and reveals outside of the Las Vegas. Here you will find where to keep up with the latest coming from CES and what has already been revealed before it even officially begins.

I, your editor here at 404 Tech Support, qualify as a member of the press…

For editorial press and bloggers, you must provide… “A link to a blog entry posted within the past three months with your by-line* (Must be an established blog that reflects current, tech industry-related news, with new posts created on a weekly basis or greater frequency and get more than 500 unique visits a month)… Online media must write for a website with more than 1,000 unique visits a month and a reporting staff that posts original tech industry-related news at least weekly.”

and I would have loved to attend. I was actually planning on attending since last year’s CES but the planning just didn’t work out this year. Perhaps next year will be my year but for now, here are some sources we can check to read up on the cool new tech with a person attending, not just rehashing the news that has leaked out.


The CES website  is at and has information like the show floor, schedule, events, and awards.

News sites:

Android and Me

Ars Technica



Wired Magazine



Twitter #CES









Here are some headlines of things already happening at CES or likely because of it:

2011’s Hottest Gadget Trends by Wired

Netflix will have One-Click remote controls

HP Unveils Slew of New, Updated Notebooks and Desktops

Lenovo Debuts New Range of Notebooks at CES

Mobile DTV Coming to an iPhone, iPad Near You

Lenovo Outs Laptop Arcade Casemod at CES

The nightmare queue to enter CES:Unveiled

Lenovo IdeaPad Slate Kicks Off CES Tablet Wars

AT&T announces the thinnest Android device, the Samsung Infuse 4G

OnStar addOn Coming to Every Vehicle with Best Buy partnership

Google’s Android 3.0 Honeycomb Preview Accidentally Released

Samsung D7000 and D8000 TVs Say Goodbye to Bezels

Microsoft CES Keynote Liveblog

Sony Press Conference – CES Liveblog

and lots of other stories flooding the web if you know where to look.

We’ll have to see what actually comes out of CES 2011 but based on the hype of tablets, smartphones, 3-D cameras/TVs/players, and Internet-enabled TVs I’m not as excited as I wish I could be. It seems like there should be something more but recent technology trends have been fairly lackluster, in my opinion, with companies broadening the options for a technology rather than innovating with new or improved options. For example, see all the big players offering their own tablet and others offering their own eReader.

We’ll have to look back each day of CES to reflect on the take-aways for consumer electronics news worth holding onto.

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