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Avast! Version 6.0 Coming Soon With AutoSandboxing To Further Protect Your Computer

Avast! is my favorite and frequently recommended free antivirus suite. Today, Avast! announced that version 6.0 will be coming soon. With the version update, it’s bringing some cool technology with it. Both the free and paid versions will be getting an automatic sandboxing capability with this new version. AVAST Software is including an array of […]

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Office 2010 Deployment Options

In a fitting demonstration of organizational lethargy, one of my first projects of 2011 was to deploy Microsoft Office 2010. Trying to understand what my options were for deploying the update within my organization required reading through a number of Microsoft TechNet pages to figure out what would work best. With this article, hopefully I […]

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pakistan_flood Brings Social Studies 2.0 To The Web

The Internet shrunk the world by making us a much more connected global society. Information travels from one side of the globe to the other at break-neck speed and more people are communicating and crossing cultural barriers than ever before. So, how much do you really know about those other countries?┬á is a website with […]

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