How To Install The Disc-less Netflix App on the Sony PlayStation 3

Having covered how to install the app on the Nintendo Wii earlier, here’s the walkthrough of how to install the disc-less Netflix app on your PS3. This one requires fewer steps and was a little more straight-forward, in my opinion.

Of course, power up your PS3 and choose your PS3 account, if needed. Cycle over to the PlayStation Network menu and hop down to the What’s New section. There you should see the Netflix app as an option. Hit X to get into the menu and X again once you’re on the Netflix app to install it. You could also just jump into the PlayStation Store to browse for it.

It can’t be that easy though, despite being free you’ll need to sign into the PSN with your account or setup one if it’s your first time.

Once you’re authenticated, you’ll be redirected to the PlayStation Store with a description of the Netflix app loaded. With ‘Download’ highlighted, hit X to continue the install process.

After you tell it to download, the Netflix app will end up in a shopping cart. Hit X again with Netflix selected to download it.

The download process will start and you’ll get an on-screen status as it downloads. For me, it took less than a minute.

After the app downloads and installs, exit the PS Store and you’ll land back on the PS3 start screen. Cycle over to the Video menu and you should be able to scroll up to find the Netflix app even if you don’t have the Netflix disc inserted.

Fire it up and enjoy the new interface!

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