How To Install The Disc-less Netflix App On The Nintendo Wii

Yesterday marked the end of the Netflix Instant Streaming exclusive¬†agreement with Microsoft for the XBox Live service that previously required a disc to be inserted in other consoles like the Sony PlayStation3 and the Nintendo Wii. This post is a quick walkthrough on how to install the disc-less Netflix app for Nintendo Wii. Since it’s kind of picture-intensive, I split the PS3 walkthrough into another post.

The first step is obviously to power on the Wii. Once it’s up and running, select the Wii Shop Channel. For me, it’s in the top-right corner.

Wii home menu

Once the Wii Shop Channel is selected, hit the Start button.

Wii Shop Channel

If you haven’t been in the Wii Shop Channel recently, you may have to do a system update. Click the System Update button and run through those screens to update your system. Once the update completes hope back into the Wii Shop Channel.

System Update prompt

Once we’re up to date or if it wasn’t needed, you’ll end up at the Wii Shop Channel. Since the Netflix app is new and free, it’s appearing as a recommended title. You can just click on the Netflix icon here or you can click Start Shopping and you’ll find the Netflix app under the Wii Channels section.

Wii Shop channel recommended

Once you’ve selected the Netflix app, you’ll get a brief description of it. Click the ‘Free | 0 Wii Points’ button to start downloading the app for yourself.

Select free Wii app

You can download the app to either your Wii or an SD card if you have one inserted. Either one works and you can run Netflix from either. I chose the Wii System Memory because it’s one less click to get to the Netflix app after it’s installed. You can always download it to the other should you change your mind.

Run through the download process with Mario running across the screen. When the installation is complete, it’ll bring you back to the Wii Shop Channel.

Exit the Wii Shop Channel and return to the Wii Menu after it’s been installed. If you downloaded it to system memory, you’ll see the new Netflix channel even with no disc inserted in the device. If you installed the channel to the SD Card, you’ll have to click on the SD Card below to switch to that menu and then you’ll find your new app.

Once you fire up the Netflix Channel, you’ll see the new interface. You can now search and browse for titles on the Wii instead of just being limited to your instant queue.

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