Cooking for Engineers – Recipes for the Analytically-Minded

With Valve spending so much time updating engineers lately in Team Fortress 2, it got me thinking about them too. Like, what do they eat? Well, besides sandviches. The smiling lad to the left might just learn to cook more than a sandwich at a website called Cooking For Engineers.

All joking and lame lead-ins aside, Cooking For Engineers provides some real insight into the science of cooking. It’s a site for those who want to know how cooking works, not just that it will. Once you understand how something works, there’s the possibility of improving on it or knowing what you might be able to substitute in a pinch.

Cooking For Engineers includes recipes, reviews of equipment & gear, a community section, and many other related things.

My favorite section has to be the Equipment & Gear reviews since I’m still outfitting my kitchen and I love gadgets and gizmos. Beyond that, the Kitchen notes explain a lot of the science behind cooking, like this article that explains the different ways of browning foods. There are also plenty of explanation in the recipes provided like this barbecue pork ribs recipe that looks delicious.

If you like to know the how and why behind the different things in the kitchen, you should enjoy the Cooking for Engineers site. Perhaps you can also find a good recipe that you want to try this weekend. With these nice, hot Summer days, I think I’ll try out the Limeade recipe and this buffalo chicken chili is looking really good. That might just be enough to make you hoot and holler.

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