College Students Get a Free Year of Amazon Prime With Amazon Student

I just found out about this offer that Amazon has going for college students. The program is fittingly called Amazon Student. Since I’m going back for some classes this fall I can take advantage of it too! The deal in summary gets you a free, year-long membership to Amazon Prime (which means free two-day shipping), a $79 value and you can upgrade to one-day shipping for $3.99/item. This is a great deal since the time to buy textbooks is right around the corner but it will also benefit all of your other Amazon purchases throughout the next year.

All you have to do to sign up is have an Amazon account and then register for Amazon Student using your school e-mail address (that ends with .edu) and enter some information about your school like what state it’s in, your level in school, and your major. You can click the image below to be taken to the sign-up form.

If you want to stop receiving e-mails from them, you have to cancel your Amazon Student membership. It seems like that’s the deal, you get their e-mails and you get free, faster shipping. They also promise other exclusive discounts. I don’t know about you, but I’ll take that kind of a deal. You can find out more information about the program on the relevant Amazon Help page for Amazon Student. If you’re a current Amazon Prime member, you can get a refund for the remaining months in your current subscription and start using the free year through Amazon Student. The terms and conditions also mention that they may extend the program beyond a year. It probably depends on how well it does for them.

Amazon also has a deal going on now for school and office supplies: Buy $100 of eligible school supplies through the month of July and you get a $20 credit on your next order.

It seems easy enough since those things rack up quickly. Now if I could just find what books I’m going to need…

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