Download the Latest Adobe Flash for Firefox and IE Without Any Extras

Previously I’ve provided a (fairly obvious) method of how to download the installers for the latest version of Adobe Flash for Internet Explorer and for Mozilla Firefox without having to install the Adobe Download Manager, GetPlus, GetPlus+, or whatever other name they’re calling that junk. Since then Adobe’s updated their site and the work-around is no longer an option. Therefore, here are the direct links to get the latest Adobe Flash installer executables.

You can visit for plugin-based browsers (Chrome, Opera, Firefox, pretty much anything but Internet Explorer) but you have to opt out of McAfee security scans.

Adobe has provided the following links for direct downloads in their Adobe Flash Player FAQ:

For Windows PCs (Links tested with Flash 11.5):


  • Windows 32-bit: _player_32bit.exe
  • Windows 64-bit: _player_64bit.exe


If you would like the installers as .msi files, you have to apply for Adobe’s license to distribute Adobe Flash Player (yes, even as a System Administrator to deploy the add-on to the computers within your network). I can’t share the location of where to download those files as part of the agreement with that license.

Personally, I think it’s time somebody told Adobe to stop trying to bloat the software unnecessarily. I also think Mozilla should tell Adobe to back off from ruining the Firefox user experience.

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