Sneak Preview of the Coming Google AdSense Interface Overhaul

This morning I received an e-mail from Google AdSense inviting me to check out the new interface they’re working on developing in a limited Beta test. I’ve captured some screenshots to share the sneak preview of the coming changes. It appears to be an overdue overhaul and the e-mail touts these benefits:

– Comprehensive performance reports: View your daily stats in graph format, and gain insight into new metrics such as the amount you’re earning from different ad types, targeting types, and bid types.

– Quicker account maintenance: We’ve streamlined the process for a number of common tasks to help you get things done more quickly. Whether you’re trying to update your contact information or make a change to a number of ad units at the same time, you’ll find that these types of tasks require fewer clicks and less account navigation than before.

– Prominent help links: There’s now help content available on every page, so you’ll be able to quickly find answers to your questions while navigating through your account.

– Easier access to online resources: Visit the redesigned Resources page, where you can find the latest content from the Inside AdSense blog, our YouTube channel, and our Twitter account, all within your own account.

If you’ve been invited to check out the new interface, you’ll see a link in the top-right corner when you log into AdSense saying Try the new AdSense interface (Beta). Once you click on that link, you’ll be taken to the new interface beta test and you’ll be able to revert to the current interface if you’d like. As a reminder, here’s what the current interface looks like and the interface link:


And here is the new Beta interface:


There are a number of Flash-driven elements that doesn’t only show you the information in a more eye-catching way, but is also capable of showing more information while seeming to take fewer clicks to navigate the most common tasks.

For an example of the more information, the Performance Reports now include more information graphed out so you can easily see trends and make improvements to earn the most from your AdSense placements and publications.


You can also get more statistics mapped out to find correlations between the data. More page impressions might result in more clicks or it might be an irrelevant statistic depending on your site, theme, layout, ad placement, or other factor. The new reports will hopefully help you track those things down.


One of the biggest improvements with the new AdSense interface is the new Resources page. Whereas with the current interface, the Resources page seems largely static and updated infrequently, there is a lot more content on the new AdSense Resources page. Hopefully, once it goes into full swing, this page will be a hotspot of information that can help you understand your earnings and other patterns across the Internet Ad industry.


Here’s the announcement on the AdSense blog about the new interface: New AdSense Interface Now in Beta.

You can find more information about the redesign in the AdSense Help pages, like: AdSense Help – Where can I find all the features from the previous interface?

The new interface certainly seems to be an interface, the Flash objects do have a little bit of a loading delay which might get annoying, but overall the graphs and new look are a welcome change to AdSense Reports. If you’re not in the Beta already, it should catch up to you shortly.

The AdSense team is also welcoming new ideas, features, and improvements to be submitted until tomorrow. You can vote for ideas and submit your own suggestions at the Google Product Ideas page.

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