What Your Browser Says About You and Security Tips

Internet Explorer users are complacent, compliant, and by-the-books types of people.

Mozilla Firefox users are rebels, trying to change the world. They also want things their way.

Google Chrome users are Kool-Aid drinking conformists with fickle loyalty.

Safari… don’t get me started on Safari users!

No, this post doesn’t try to describe your personality based on what browser you use. Instead…
Along with the anonymous surfing test I mentioned in an article on, another site gives you a much more technical read-out regarding the information your browser is just too excited to tell web servers that it visits and what it tells is all about you. You can visit the Analyzer to find out everything your browser reveals to websites.

Some of this information might make you more susceptible to malicious websites, but regardless any website you visit could grab this info with the write code. You can then decide whether you want to switch browsers (Mozilla Firefox), disable scripting (NoScript plug-in for Firefox), add a hardware firewall, or look into privacy & security related plug-ins like Web Of Trust.

What you can learn from the Analyzer varies wide and far including:

  • browser and version of that browser
  • open ports and firewall status
  • browser security
  • your layout (resolution)
  • scripting languages enabled
  • your operating system
  • plug-ins installed (like Flash, Acrobat, etc.)
  • Java
  • connection info
  • where you’re located
  • your IP address including a traceroute and your domain

See what your browser has to say about you with the Analyzer.

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