Oracle releases Java 7u25, no 6u51

Oracle released Java 7u25 on Tuesday. It is the first update where an update to Java 6 was not included despite February 2013 being the extended end of support for Java 6. Beyond February 2013, Java 6u43 and Java 6u45 were released. With the latest update, users of Java 5, 6, and 7 are encouraged […]

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The Cloud – A marketing success for technology

In a conversation with a coworker the other day, we got onto the topic of “the cloud”. To summarize, it seemed the marketing genius behind ‘the cloud’ knew exactly what they were doing. From an IT Pro perspective, the sentiment seemed to swing drastically with just the change of terminology. Outsourcing: “Booo!” The Cloud: “Yay!” […]

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Twitter API deprecation disables widgets across the Web

On Tuesday, Twitter retired v1 of their API and completed the transition to v1.1. As a result, you may see numerous areas of websites that are supposed to pull a Twitter feed but are actually blank.¬†Twitter is hardly known for its stability or high-availability. You may have thought like I did that Twitter was just […]

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Resources for a Bring Your Own Device policy

Bring Your Own Device has been a common phrase for a while now but its implementation often has room for improvement. The BYOD concept has even made its way into comics. Fortunately with time passing, more resources have become available. The benefit with not being on the cutting edge means others have gone before you. […]

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How to send Ctrl+Alt+Del in Remote Desktop

Ctrl+Alt+Delete by default is always picked up by the local computer. Imagine if there was malware created that looked like the Windows login screen. If it could intercept the Ctrl+Alt+Delete signal, it would look very authentic and you might give your password away unknowingly. Instead, giving the ‘Three Finger Salute’ will launch the full screen […]

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VoIP integration with help desk software

A good ticketing system is the life blood of many help desk departments. They keep individuals organized, customers satisfied, and managers on top of things. I’m not sure a perfect ticketing system exists, so my ears always perk up when I hear new or unfamiliar help desk software recommended. With a recent system that I […]

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