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Illinois Gigabit Challenge applicants published

Google and Kansas City are living pretty large right now with their gigabit Internet offerings recently announced. Illinois Governor Pat Quinn announced the Illinois Gigabit Challenge in his State of the State announcement this year to provide $4 million to the best proposal to build out a gigabit fiber network by the end of 2013. Today, the applicants of the Illinois Gigabit Challenge were announced. You can find those applicants on the Illinois Gigabit Challenge website or pasted after the jump.

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What’s coming from Google Summer of Code 2012?

Google Summer of Code has been around since 2005. In the program, Google partners with open source software projects and technology-based groups to fun students interested in working on real world software development for three months. Students gain good experience and advising from mentors while the tech groups get specific projects developed while increasing the […]

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Steve Ballmer shows Microsoft Office 2013 suite, Preview available today

In what seems like a rather quickly thrown together announcement (similar to the Microsoft Surface announcement), Steve Ballmer announced the Office 2013 preview availability. Much of the introduction tied recent Microsoft changes into one direction for the company. Office 2013 is designed for the latest and greatest, meaning Windows 8, Windows Phone 8, and Microsoft […]

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