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404 Tech Support contains documentation written by Jason Hamilton, an IT Professional in the midwest. The blog records problems, solutions, and interesting IT-related topics encountered throughout the day of a system administrator. Along with these encounters, software (usually free) is reviewed and recommended as sometimes the perfect software package is the solution.

The 404 Tech Support blog hopes to provide answers to people looking for solutions to their computer problems, record problem-solving workflows, and make recommendations for more efficient interactions with technology. The intended audience can vary from tech savvy fellow IT administrators to new computer users looking to optimize their new experience.

I currently hold the following certifications:

CompTIA A+ IT Technician

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CompTIA Network+

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CompTIA Security+

Security+ Certified About 404TS

Hewlett-Packard Accredited Platform Specialist – HP Commercial Desktops, Workstations, and Notebooks.

CompTIA Strata Green IT

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