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Cyanide and Happiness

Cyanide and Happiness boast the Kindle over books

I have a Kindle myself and I enjoy being able to have more than one book on me at a time in a very convenient format. Books still have their place though. There’s enjoyment to the heft and feel of cracking into and eventually conquering a large novel. Textbooks might have figures and charts that […]

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Musicbee listen to music

MusicBee – a free music library manager

While I was writing about the MediaMonkey Android app earlier this month, I received a few recommendations to check out MusicBee as a desktop alternative for a music library manager. MediaMonkey is free but has some features locked behind a paid “gold” license. MusicBee is free and since it’s always nice to have options, I […]

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Google no longer offers a free Google Apps for Business

Google Apps offers a number of applications and features for business customers and further customization than their free line of Gmail and Google Drive. Up until this past week, Google offered a free Google Apps account for organizations that needed 10 accounts or fewer. Before April 2011, that number was even higher at 50 accounts […]

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Use WMI Code Creator to simplify WMI scripting

Windows Management Instrumentation, or WMI, has been mentioned on the site a few times previously. It allows you to get information about a PC from the computer itself. Today, I’m sharing about a free tool provided by Microsoft called WMI Code Creator. You can utilize WMI through the command line or with other languages like […]

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MediaMonkey and XBMC Android apps enter beta

Two big name multimedia programs are making their way to the Android platform and recently released betas. MediaMonkey is music library manager similar to iTunes but in my opinion, much better. XBMC is a media center designed to make your computer into the ultimate entertainment hub. Starting off on the Xbox, it has found a […]

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