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MySQL error message

XAMPP and MySQL error fix

After installing XAMPP (which I have previously discussed) and navigating to the MySQL Admin page, I started getting an error that would pop up about every 20 seconds. The error message reads: “Access violation at address 10009F40 in module ‘LIBMYSQL.dll’. Read of address 00000000.” If I didn’t close the message, a new pop up would […]

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AccessChk – Permissions Reporting Utility

I’m highlighting another SysInternals utility today with AccessChk. This little executable allows you to verify the permissions of directories and sub-folders easily. If you’re having problems with a program not being able to write to a directory, a person unable to successfully launch an application, or any of the other hundreds of permission problems you […]

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Gmail Helps with your Security Concerns, Pt. 2

From monitoring your Gmail session as I pointed out previously, another setting can be changed to help secure your data with Gmail. It is particularly wise to use an encrypted session for your Gmail at public access computers or over wireless connections. Log into Gmail. In the top-right corner, click the Settings link. This setting […]

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Understanding Version Control Systems

Kalid Azad, the brains behind InstaCalc, (who is also a swell guy in general to talk to) runs a blog titled Better Explained. The name says it all as BE strives to explain concepts, software development tactics and tools, and even math topics in simple, image-based lessons. I’d like to highlight one of these posts […]

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Synchronize directories in Windows

If you’ve run into any instances where it would be useful to synchronize an external drive and your computer or your computer and a server’s files, there are programs that can actually do the synchronization regularly and with different conditions met. Here’s a list of free software that you might evaluate to see if it […]

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Details page, detailed.

Gmail Helps with your Security Concerns

Google helps you manage your account security with more information and the ability to remotely sign out sessions. You may have noticed this link at the bottom of your Inbox. It was added just last month, July 2008. If you click on the Details link, you’ll be presented with another window which offers information about […]

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GParted – Open-Source Partition Manager

GParted is an open-source alternative to Norton PartitionMagic and Arconis PartitionExpert, meaning it can format your hard drives and partition them to your specifications. You can create partitions of varying sizes and file systems (NTFS, FAT, Ext3, etc.). GParted also lets you resize existing partitions. You could reduce the size of one partition to the […]

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Notepad++ – A superior text editor

Notepad++ is a great utility for coders in a Windows environment. Essentially Notepad++ is a combination of the simplicity of (the built-in Windows app) Notepad plus a lot more features specific to coders like syntax highlighting and auto-completion, which it picks up on automatically by understanding the file type extension when you save the file. […]

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